Event on 22 Feb: Regulatory Enforcement of Directors' Obligations, click on the photo for more information

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Welcome to the Australian Academy of Law

The Australian Academy of Law comprises elected individuals of exceptional distinction in the discipline of law who are committed to the advancement of that discipline and to justice according to law in Australia.   Fellows are each elected by the Academy from the legal profession, from legal academia and from the judiciary.   The Academy thereby provides a bridge between each of those sections of the legal community.    The Academy's objects as listed in its Constitution are pursued through its public conferences and debates and its publications and newsletters, and the promotion of those objects through the individual activities of the Fellows.  


31 August 2021 (Closing Date)

Notice of Annual Essay Prize 2021  

15 March 2021 (Closing Date) 

Inaugural Australian Academy of Law

First Nations Scholarship 2021

28 January 2021

AAL Newsletter [2021] No. 1 dated 28 January 2021  


Date 27 March 2021

Judicial Independence - From what to what end?

Date  2 March  2021

Public Confidence, Apprehended Bias, and the Modern Federal Judiciary

Date 22 February 2021

Regulatory Enforcement of Directors’ Obligations

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