2022 Fellow Spotlight

The Responsible Shareholder

Stephen Bottomley, Emeritus Professor, ANU College of Law, The Australian National University, Australia 

This book is published by Edward Elgar and can be found here

Examining the role of shareholders in modern companies, this timely book argues that more should be expected of shareholders, both morally and legally. It explores the privileged position of shareholders within the corporate law system and the unique rights and duties awarded to them in contrast to other corporate actors. Introducing the concept of shareholders as responsible agents whose actions and inactions should be judged on that basis, Stephen Bottomley unites a number of distinct corporate governance discussions including stewardship, activism and shareholder liability.

11 April 2022

Future-Proofing the Judiciary

Brian Opeskin Professor of Law, University of Technology, Sydney

This book is published by Palgrave Macmillan and can be found here

The book reinvigorates the field of socio-legal inquiry examining the relationship between law and demography. Originally conceived as 'population law' in the 1970s following unprecedented growth in world population and the use of law to temper that growth, this book takes a fresh approach by examining how population change can affect legal systems, rather than the converse. Through four case studies, the book examines how demographic change impacts judicial systems and how those systems should adapt to embody greater preparedness for the demographic changes that lie ahead. The case studies focus on Australian courts and judges, but the book offers global insights and raises critical questions about institutional structures. In making recommendations for reform, it speaks to socio-legal scholars, applied demographers, and all those interested in judicial institutions.

7 April 2022

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